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Master FAQs

Is my dog too old to train?

Absolutely not, old dogs can learn new tricks. Sometimes, mature dogs are easier to train because they have less energy than they were as a puppy and have better attention to focus. We use positive reinforcement and repetition to teach your dog the appropriate manners and behaviors. Your dog will gain confidence and joy while building his skills.

My dog is shy and fearful, can your training help my dog?

Yes, we start by developing and nurturing a trustful relationship with your dog, our trainers and you. We show him that there is nothing to fear. By developing his confidence, we can start to reinforce his positive behaviors. Through this caring reinforcement and repetition, his confidence will grow and fear will diminish. Our approach of clear, non-confrontational obedience training and positive repetitive reinforcement is the best way to help dogs gain skills, manners and confidence.

What type of training classes do you offer?

Wagging Tails Pet Resort offers a variety of training programs to meet your dog at their training level. We recommend starting puppies when they are young with socialization and develop a good foundation of manners. Then our training curriculum progresses through foundation training and skill building, to developing additional behaviors and increased concentration and focus. All of our training programs focus on rewarding good behaviors and positive reinforcement.

The Obedience Academy at Wagging Tails Pet Resort offers:

  • Puppy Training Programs
  • Obedience Training Programs
  • Stay & Train Programs
  • Group Classes
  • Individualized Training
  • Situational Training
What vaccinations are required to attend the Obedience Academy?

We require all dogs be current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (D/H/L/P) vaccines.

What vaccinations are required for grooming?

The rabies vaccination is required for all of our Canine Spa guests. Distemper and bordatella is not required unless your dog is going in a playroom.

My dog eats special food daily. Will this be possible?

Yes! We are able to accommodate special diets, including raw food and prescription food.

How often should my dog be groomed?

Typically dogs should be groomed every 6 weeks. Of course this varies depending on the breed and coat of your dog. Contact us for a style consultation to review your dog’s grooming requirements.

Can my dog play the same day as their groom?

Yes! If you are scheduled for a groom, your dog is more than welcome to play in our playgroups before and/or after their groom. Additional charges may apply.

How long does the average haircut or bath take?

Our goal at the Canine Spa is to make your dog’s visit as stress-free as possible, so our stylists work at your dog’s pace and allow breaks as needed. Generally, we allow three (3) hours for each dog. Once your dog’s groom is complete, our Stylist will contact you to let you know when they will be ready to show off their new look!

Can I apply my Playday package to cover my Overnights costs?

No. Playdays and Overnights are calculated separately, so Playday packages cannot be applied to Overnight visits.

What if my dog is feeling under the weather while at Wagging Tails Pet Resort?

When a dog starts to show signs they are not feeling well, we keep a close eye on their symptoms.  If we decide your dog requires vet attention, we will try to reach you before we go any further.  When possible, we will bring your dog to your regular vet. If for some reason we are unable to contact you, we will call the emergency contact you have chosen.

When my dog is staying overnight, does it cost extra for a Playday?

No! All of our Overnight guests enjoy the same play times as the Playday dogs; this is included in our Overnight rate.

How do Overnight rates work?

A boarding reservation (Overnight) starts at 12:30 pm and runs through 12:29 pm the following day.
An additional one-half Overnight charge will apply if you:
• Check in before 12:30 pm (early check-in)
• Check out after 12:29 pm (late check-out)
One-half Overnight charge = $27.50 (luxury suite) or $20 (standard suite)

What should I to bring for my dog’s Overnight stay?

We recommend that you bring any bedding, blankets, toys, etc. that you are comfortable leaving your dog unattended with.  We do require that food is brought pre-bagged per meal, with two (2) extra bags of food – just in case.  If your dog(s) has trouble eating while away from home, feel free to bring wet food.

Will my small dog be safe to play in playgroups?

Of course! Here at Wagging Tails Pet Resort, we divide our guests into groups who share similar play styles, so that all our dogs have a safe and happy stay. We offer a Small Dog Playgroup exclusively for our petite guests, with its own Small Dog Playroom that is completely separated from the other playgroups and includes a private outside play yard. So no worries at Wagging Tails Pet Resort!

We have an older dog – would Playdays be too strenuous for him?

Our senior guests love the attention from the young pups! And they’re an important part of our pack – teaching good manners and behaviors to our less experienced guests. We keep a very close eye on our senior dogs, and they are given plenty of extra naptime to ensure they have a comfortable and rested stay.

Can my dog have lunch when I bring him for a Playday?

Yes! All of our guests are in their own suites for Snacks & Naps from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm each day, so if your dog eats lunch, he’ll be fed at this time.

Why does my dog seem so tired when I pick him up from a Playday or Overnight stay?

Our Resort guests enjoy all-day play, so they are getting much more physical and mental stimulation than they do at home. Your dog’s health and well being is our top priority, so all dogs have Snacks & Naps in private suites (daily from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm) to recharge and recover from their play. So after a few days, your tired pooch will perk right back up and ask you to schedule another visit to see their new friends!

May I take a tour of your facilities?

Yes! We invite you to come tour our resorts anytime time during the day, except from 11:30am to 1:30pm – when Resort guests are enjoying their Snacks & Naps.

Are there any breeds Wagging Tails Pet Resort does not allow?

No – we do not turn away any dogs based on their breed or size. All dogs must pass a Temperament Assessment and Evaluation to attend Playdays or Overnights at Wagging Tails Pet Resort. 

My dog has a health condition and needs medication and special food daily. Will these be possible?

Yes! Our staff is trained to administer most medications, but not insulin. So please call to check. If you use pill pockets or special treats when giving your dog meds, we ask that you include those with your medications.

What if my Vet says we should not spay or neuter our dog until 1 year of age?

While this can happen for a number of medical reasons, Wagging Tails Pet Resort requires all dogs over the age of six (6) months to be spayed or neutered.

Why does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to visit Wagging Tails Pet Resort?

For the safety of all guests in the Resort, we require all dogs to be spayed or neutered by the age of six (6) months.

What is Bordetella?

Bordatella is similar to the common cold/flu in humans. In order to prevent spreading of this airborne virus, we require all dogs to be current on this vaccination.

What vaccinations does my dog need to attend Playdays and Overnights?

We require all dogs be current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (D/H/L/P) vaccines.

What is the minimum age for Playdays and Overnights?

For the safety of our young pups, the minimum age to attend Playdays is 4 months. Puppies younger than 4 months are accepted on a case-by-case.